School of Information Science & Engineering

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The school offers four specialties, that is, Computer Applications, Computer & Network Technology, Computer Software Technology, and Multimedia Technology, divided into six majors--- computer application (Lenovo class), Intelligence Micro-control, Network &Maintenance, Software Technology, Digital Medium, and Enterprise information.

Training Facilities
The school has established 1 on-campus training center (containing 12 practicum laboratories), and 5 professional computer rooms. In 2007, the school set up the Lenovo class with Lenovo Group. Except that, it has established good cooperative relations with more than 20 IT enterprises, such as Qilu Software Park, Langchao Group, and Zhongxing Group.

Student Training &Education
With outstanding skills, students won various prizes in all Shandong Computer Technology Skills Contests. Two of the students has obtained the qualification of ¡°Technician¡±. Except that, total 16 students have been awarded the title ¡°Rizhao Technical Experts¡±. The school has won the first prize for teamwork successively in the past four years.

Two Certificates
Besides college diploma, students could attend some other qualification exams in computer, network, and multimedia and obtain more specialized certificates like NCIE, NCNE, NCAE, Microsoft, oracle, SUN, JAVA, and SCJP, etc.. More than 85% students could get two certificates.