The School of Foreign languages

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The school has three specialties, namely, English Education, Business English, and Applied Korean, which is also responsible for non-English major students foreign language teaching. This school is a member of Shandong Academy of College English Teaching and Shandong Academy for the Establishment of Foreign Language Specialties in Colleges. The school has over 80 professional teachers, 6 of whom are professors, 18 are vice professors and one is provincial teaching experts.

The teachers have undertaken two national research projects, three provincial ones and 10 at college level. They have also published over 160 theses in different periodicals and more than 10 textbooks. ¡°Oral Workshop in English (for vocational colleges)¡± is the national 11th five-year-plan teaching materials.

Training Facilities
The school has built up 6 digital language training classrooms, one foreign language launch pad, one foreign language periodicals reading room and one E-books reading room.

Teaching Mode
It deepens teaching reform, pays attention to the practice, and forms "Foreign Language + specialty + skills" teaching to cultivate creative foreign language talents.