School of Food Engineering

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The school opens Food Processing Technology, Biology Technology Application, Food Nutrition & Testing, and Food Storage & Marketing, which throughout the food processing, research and development, testing and marketing of the industrial chain. Food Processing Technology is the provincial characteristic specialty. The course "Food Processing Technology" is the national elite course.

Teachers of the school have high research abilities. They have won 5 provincial scientific and technical progress rewards. Except that, they have published total 16 textbooks and undertaken 6 provincial scientific research projects, 6 municipal scientific research projects, and attained 5 provincial teaching achievement prizes. In addition, more than 128 theses have been published in the domestic core periodicals and 12 theses have been collected by SCI.

Training Facilities
The school established Chemical Training Center, Food and Biotechnology Training Center, Food Research Institute, Applied Biology Technology Institute and Edible &Medicinal Fungi Institute. ?In cooperation with Rizhao Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision, this school invested 13 million RMB for advanced testing equipment and established Rizhao Quality &Technical Supervision Center, where different food inspection and testing could be conducted here.

Talents Training
At present, this school has set up close cooperative relations with 36 enterprise, such as Shandong Meijia Group, Jinluo Group, Changhua Group, Longda Group, to carry out the plan of Order-orientated Training, forming the personnel fostering mode of ˇ°directional-ordersˇ± by school-enterprise interaction.