The School of Architectural Engineering

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The school has 7 specialties: Architectural Engineering Technology, Architectural Equipment Project Technology, Architectural Decoration Design, Architectural Designing Technology, Project Cost, Property Management, Project Supervision.

Specialty Development
Architectural Engineering Technology is Shandong brand and demonstrating specialty, and "Architectural Drawing" is the national elite course, "Architectural Structures" is the national and provincial elite course. The consruction technology practical training base was awarded as ˇ°Scarce talents fostering and training base for construction industryˇ± by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Education. The teaching team of Architectural Engineering Technology was the provincial degree teaching team in Shandong province.

Training Facilities
The school has established various degree off-campus practice bases with Shandong Jinhua Construction Group and other 52 more architectural enterprises. It has set up a on-campus Architectural Practice &Training Center, a Building Materials Testing Center, a Architectural Designing Center and a Architectural Engineering Management Center, which covers an area of nearly 9,000 square meters. And also it has established 2 campus enterprises, that is Rizhao Hengji Architectual Engineering Company and Shandong Jianyan Engineering Consulting Company, which provide teaching, training, and social services.

Teaching & Scientific Research
The teachers are positively engaged in the curriculum development and research, edited and published more than 30 textbooks, and undertook 8 provincial degree and 16 college level research projects. Except that, they have also published 100 academic theses in provincial or national publications. There are also 9 students having obtained outstanding graduation design awards.