School of Further Education

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School of Further Education conducts distant-education for the part-time students for the postgraduate study, university or vocational study, and Adult Higher Education. It has full-time adult education class and a variety of short and long term training classes, which forming a multi-level, multi-channel education mode. Project Cost is Shandong Adult Education brand specialty. The school cooperated with local government and enterprise, and build a service platform, achieving the resource sharing. It tries to play the promoting role in local economic development.

Community Service
The school makes use of hardware and software educational resources, builds up a community service platform, to conduct community service. The various cultural and sports activities facilities and books and reading materials are open to residents, to enrich their life. It also with specialty development, curriculum development, project development and other education and teaching means, provide a variety of multi-level non-degree education.

Technical Service
It makes use of its advantage, to build technical services base, research and develop new technologies and techniques. It also cooperates with enterprises to share their science and technology advantages and resources, so that it could assist enterprise to solve technical problems, ?and drive along the coast of Shandong fast development.

Training Service
According to local economic development and the orientation of enhancing workersĄŻ skills and the comprehensive quality, It constructs a multi-level training system including vocational skills training, vocational skills identification, the unemployed training, humanity quality education training. By now, total 84,000 personnel have been trained.

Assistance Service
By sending teachers, opening training classes, and other forms, to support and assist the counterpart school and colleges reform and development in Shandong and West of China.