School of Electromechanical Engineering

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The school offers 4 specialties, including Electromechanical Integration Technology, CNC Equipments Application & Maintenance, Iron and Steel Metallurgy, and Mold Design and Manufacturing.

Specialty Development
In recent years, the teachers in this school have published over 10 national textbooks. At the same time they have undertaken some provincial and municipal research projects. One course is chosen as provincial elite course.

Training Facilities
At present, investing total 31.5 million RMB, the school has established two training centers: Electronic & Automation Technology Training Center and Numerical Control Machining Technology Training Center. With advanced teaching equipments, the later has become a modern comprehensive training center with the Austrian Government loan. In addition, the school has established friendly partnership with more than 20 enterprises in China.

Student Training & Education
Supported by the on-campus training cente cooperated with enterprises, the students of this school have participated in provincial degree Electromechanical Product Creative Design Competion and Digital-control Technological Competion and won various prizes many times. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98%.