Department of Basic Courses

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Responsible for Basic Courses
Department of Basic Courses takes the responsibilty of the Political and Moral education, Higher Mathematics, Physical Education, music, Chinese Language & Literature and other public courses teaching. At present, it has 56 full-time teachers, 10 of which are vice professors and 27 have master degree. They have made fruitful research results and obtained the first prize of ¡°2008 Rizhao Outstanding Achievements of Scientific Research¡±.

Cultivating Student¡¯s Professional Quality
This department organizes a variety of cultural and sports activities, to enrich teachers and students spare time life, to create and form a harmonious campus culture environment.

Competion and Contest Organization
It also organizes students to participate in some competition and contests to improve students ability. The athletes made many success in the Shandong Provincial University Games. The students participating the National Mathematical Modeling Contest got the second prize. And 65 students won the individual first prize in the National Language & Writing Contest.

Social Service
It also play a active role in social service, and offers lectures on professional ethics, rules and regulations, traditional culture, and a countryside construction to the community public.