School of Finance
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 The school opens four specialties, that is, Accounting, Electronic Accounting, Wealth Management and Taxation (Revenue Design).

Fruitful Results of Scientific Research
In recent years, this school¡¯s teachers have totally undertaken 6 national and provincial research projects and published 12 textbooks. Expect that, 5 elite courses have been accomplished, 1 for provincial degree and 4 for college degree.

Running School Openly
It insists on opening policy to run school and cooperation with local enterprises in specialty construction, practical training and social services. Moreover, it strengthens curriculum reformation and implements talents training mode of ¡°integration of position and certificates¡±. The school lays stress on training students¡¯ professional skills by organizing students to participate in National College Students Financial Simulation Exchange Competition for many times and taking part in the Shandong Accounting Competition on behalf of Rizhao City.
 It owns 10 off-campus practical training bases to meet the needs of practice teaching and graduation practice, 1 on-campus financial training center, 4 comprehensive accounting simulation labs, 4 position labs, 2 electronic accounting labs, and 1 financial lab with improved facilities and full-fledged applications.

High Employment Rates
The passing rate of various certificates examination students attended reaches more than 95%. Meanwhile, the school strengthened training for Junior Accounting Certificate Examination, which improved greatly of graduates¡¯ employment, The annual employment rate reaches 96%.